Sapori Fine Flavors


Tenero® is the next generation of soft serve products reinventing the frozen dessert experience for both consumers and operators across the United States. From ice cream to frozen yogurt, Tenero provides a new, gourmet and healthy solution to the time-treasured classic of soft serve offering a greater variety, simplicity and profitability to your business.

Cafèttone™, Fruittone™ and Yogurttone™ are made with instant ready-to-use powdered product mixes called Tenerissimo™ that are sold by the case. The sugar, flavor, stabilizers and emulsifiers are already blended in the product which ensures consistency and meets the highest quality standards in flavor and textures.  With twelve great flavors, our products are shelf-stable, powdered mixes that require only the addition of water or milk.

Easy to make, simple to serve, and delicious to eat.  Call Sapori for information on how you can improve your profitability this season!



Caféttone™ features the creamier Tenerissimo flavors of Mascarpone, Fior di Latte (Sweetened Milk), Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel.  Simply pour a shot of espresso or coffee of choice, top with any Tenerissimo flavor, and serve.  We promise your customers' coffee break has never been sweeter or tastier!


Fruittone™ brings out the lighter side of Tenerissimo™ offering the refreshing fruit flavors of Strawberry, Pink Grapefruit and Pear.  Serve as-is or add a shot of fruit juice for the ultimate frozen dessert drink!

Yogurt is big business today and our yogurt Tenerissimo™ mix prepares a delightful tart-style frozen yogurt dessert & beverage perfect for any hour of the day. Swirl Yogurttone™ with a fruit juice of your choice for an added flavor boost or layer with granola for a frozen parfait.





The Machines to produce Caféttone™, Fruittone™ and Yogurttone™ are similar to slush machines with a stronger freezing compressor that chill the blends at or below -7˚C (20˚F) which creates a product similar to soft serve. The freezing cycles for the machine are generally 45-60 minutes. Standby mode is available to overnight storage of blends however it is highly recommended that the machines be cleaned and sanitized every two days.